Agent Meets With Seller

A meeting is arranged with the seller and an Eufaula Tri-County Realtor to become acquainted with each other's personalities.  This meeting helps define the expectations of the seller and the needs of the Realtor to make this house as marketable as possible.

It has been our experience in the past that this stage is the most important for the Realtor to be as forthright with the seller so that the expecting can be understood on both ends of the relationship.  Because some realtors will list your property at any price to gain your business we may not get every listing.  Those that choose to list with us know from the first meeting we are in your corner, we want to earn your business, and our commitment to service with integrity will avoid any mistrust that results from the less than honest practices of competing real estate agencies.  You know that friend you call about automotive advice before you take your car to the dealer?  In real estate, that's us.  People come to love our service because they can call us and know what we tell them is with their best interests in mind.  Our honesty and integrity stems from this early meeting.